What our customers have to say...


"I trust Griggs Automotive with my vehicles - they have always done an outstanding job, provide excellent communication and customer service and they are HONEST!"
- Pam L.


"Solid, decent folks. Always good to us. Honest, professional, efficient and effective."

- Garrett C.


"As always, Griggs is very quick, helpful and friendly when working on my auto!!!"

- Charlotte J.


"Always reasonable, correct in diagnosis, and honest."

- Marilyn L.


"Rick is one of the nicest most honest men I know. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else."

- Jeff B.


"Awesome customer service! I trust Griggs to take care of my car and always recommend them to anyone who asks."

- Brenda M.


"Everyone at Griggs is like a Dad to me. They keep me posted on up-coming issues with my vehicle (a '94 Ford pickup with 230,000 miles); they are always friendly and fair; and they listen intently to my incessant blabbing. I couldn't ask for a better advisory group. Thanks, Griggs!"

- Dan P.


"They are so honest they make George Washington and Abe Lincoln look like Hillary Clinton! Took the van in for a transmission service and was quoted a price of $150.00. Rick called later and said he had researched the service records and it had been done about 6 months ago and didn't need it. How many others would have done it any way and kept silent? Not Griggs."

- Robert V.


Very happy customer here!! Great experience. Honest and reasonable prices. I highly recommend! Thanks Griggs Automotive! Keep up the good work!

- Jack G.

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